zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Hi there!!!


So, it's been a while since I've put something new to my blog. So here an update.

Unfortunately, I stopped with being in the CT teams from scrapable and 4mybabiesscraps.
I really did not had the time for it and I really wanted to finish my own albums first. I am hard working on my Project 52 from 2011 and also started with my project of 2012. Off course I have to finish my Florida and London album also. So a lot of work to do.....

Meanwhile I am still designing along with the girls of the Dutch scrapbook forum. We have another great blogtrain coming in April :-) and maybe I have a freebie for you once in a while.

And offcourse......we are very busy planning our wedding. It's already about 7 months, and there is still plenty to do!

So I think I will look after august for another CT team.

Meanwhile stay cozy to my blog for a few updates, information about our blogtrains and maybe occasional freebies!


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